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UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE: The submission date has now passed for inclusion. A huge thank you to all of you who have made it into the issue!

Story pitches closed on 30th April 2014, the following is for reference use only...

We would like at least a page of A4 detailing your idea and how the story will progress. Please don't send us just a few lines of random ideas and expect approval...

Once your story pitch has been approved by this date, you have 2 months to produce the story. Please aim for at least 4000 words but we are totally flexible with anything more than this figure, as long as you aren't writing a novel!

We are open to your ideas for special features too...

As ever, please keep your ideas/stories/illustrations under wraps for the final publication. If everything goes to plan, the U.N.I.T FANNUAL will be available in 2015.

Due to the tremendous response rate, we apologise for any delays in reply but we will be in contact as soon as possible.

The outlines and ideas we have received so far are fantastic! Thank you so much for your support!!


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U.N.I.T Writers' Guidlelines

(Mockup Cover)

"We deal with the odd, the unexplained. Anything on Earth… or even beyond…"

The setting is 'the near future' in terms of the original airdate of the early-mid 1970s but no specifics, please. Britain has a space programme (Ambassadors of Death) and is still seen as a prime mover in global politics (The Mind of Evil/Day of the Daleks etc).

The Doctor, after the events of The Three Doctors, has been given back use of the TARDIS, if not total control, so events are parallel with Season 10 - how do U.N.I.T cope in the Doctor's absences? Sometimes Jo is with him, so she is also absent (Carnival of Monsters, Frontier in Space, etc.), on other occasions she is present (such as when the Doctor is testing TARDIS or wants a solo exploration - re: Metebelis 3 in The Green Death).

It is worth noting that U.N.I.T did not only deal with alien threats. In the Doctor's absence the threats can be from any quarter which is 'odd' or 'unexplained'. The Silurians/Sea Devils and Inferno showed 'alien' threats can be from Earth too. They can be environmental (The Green Death) or technological (Inferno), as well as 'paranormal' (The Daemons). Inspiration can also be drawn from the Doomwatch and Quatermass series, or other similar formats like Kolchak, The X Files, A Town Called Eureka and Warehouse 13.

Innovative looks at 1970s technology/environmental issues/paranormal/military issues would be preferred over straight sequels to televised adventures. Create new characters and threats that U.N.I.T has the remit to deal with! Remember that U.N.I.T, being United Nations, is also an international taskforce - we're not limited by a BBC budget to the home counties of England!

The Main Characters - the U.N.I.T 'Seven'

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (later Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart) was a founder of UNIT and the original commander of U.N.I.T's British contingent. During the Doctor's exile on Earth, he hired the Doctor as his Scientific Advisor.

Captain Mike Yates was Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's assistant for several adventures during the Third Doctor's tenure with U.N.IT.

Sergeant John Benton is the senior NCO of the British contingent of UNIT

Corporal Carol Bell, played by Fernanda Marlowe, was one of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's administrative support staff. She appeared in the Third Doctor serials The Mind of Evil (1971) and The Claws of Axos (1971).

Sergeant Tom Osgood, played by Alec Linstead, served in Devil's End as U.N.I.T's Technical Adviser, during the Master's interference there, as seen in the Third Doctor story The Dæmons (1971).

Dr. Harry Sullivan

Jo Grant

Other characters associated with U.N.I.T from The Invasion through to The Three Doctors may also be used.

We would prefer the Doctor to not appear, however he can obviously be mentioned as being off in the TARDIS etc. But the FANNUAL is essentially U.N.I.T's 15 minutes of fame - so don't overshadow them!

Additional Guidelines:

You are writing from the viewpoint of early 1973, and can use the U.N.I.T continuity up to and including Season 10 up to Planet of the Daleks, so you have no knowledge of any stories beyond that point. While we do not mind writers having a knowledge of U.N.I.T stories/chronology beyond this point, please do not make wholesale references or hang whole plot devices on them. In fact, we would prefer you use your knowledge to skirt any continuity busting issues! This also applies to later related series like Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and K9.
The one exception *we* as editors have made is including Harry Sullivan, the U.N.I.T medical officer. He is newly seconded to U.N.I.T at this point and yet to know of the absent Doctor's unique physiology - something he will not discover until 'Robot'. We preferred a familiar face there, and are sure you do too.

Unlike the Cushing FANNUAL, where we allowed a free for all in terms of story and scope, we would prefer initial story pitches before committing, so we have a balance and not 12/13 stories of alien invasion only. We would prefer the scope of:
Space Programme
Strange creatures
Unusual Phenomena
and if you have any unique story ideas beyond these too.
There may also be a vague arc, and we want some stories to fit this.

Recommended reading/viewing:

The Making of Doctor Who, 1972 Piccolo Edition. Please note the Brigadier makes reference to the Doctor being found on 3 Jan 1970 (actually the airdate of episode 1 of Spearhead from Space). As stated above, the U.N.I.T stories take place in a period approximately five years beyond the transmission dates in a fictional and somewhat more technologically advanced parallel to our own reality but please, no specifics. You can have dates but hedge around the year (as seen in Day of the Daleks!).

The UNIT Dating Controversy - Day of the Daleks DVD

The Doctor Who UNIT Special (1991) - but again, concentrate on the 1973 Season and before. No references to Mawdryn Undead, Remembrance of the Daleks, etc.

The UNIT stories on DVD/in novelisation:
The Web of Fear
The Invasion
Spearhead from Space
The Silurians
The Ambassadors of Death
Terror of the Autons
The Mind of Evil
The Claws of Axos
The Daemons
Day of the Daleks
The Sea Devils (not U.N.I.T but Earth-based)
The Time Monster
The Three Doctors

The Doctor Who Annuals, 1971, 1973 and 1974

Please note that artwork is not to be signed and dated. All credit will be given in the index. This is in keeping with the general rule of the format of the World Distributors Annuals, even though there has been exceptions to this.

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The Peter Cushing Dr. Who FANNUAL

Time Travel. It’s supposed to be impossible isn’t it? Well, actually, going forwards in time isn’t really a problem at all is it? Just imagine if you could bend the rules... Well, I have managed to do just that! Moving freely forwards and backwards through time and space with my own invention is most exciting I can tell you!
1963 was the year it all began. I finally worked out how to make the machine work and despite the fact that I am a grandfather and quite an old man now, I am still very sprightly because my adventures have given me a new lease of life! Which is just as well, as you will soon discover! Sadly, I can’t turn back my own body clock and travel around the cosmos as a young man but I have shared all of the fun with my close friends and family and now I will share it with you...
So, let me take a rest from adventuring for a moment to regale some of the tales and the mysteries and challenges we’ve all faced across the galaxy from visiting our own and other strange worlds, with all of the many unusual and terrifying creatures we have encountered and the new lessons the universe has taught us in the process.
In this book you will find out about myself, my family and friends and the inner workings of my wonderful time machine with a friendly technical diagram highlighting all of the main features.
In my travels I have become caught in events surrounding the civil war of the 1600s, been to a distant alien world in a prelude to a mystery involving a couple I encountered on Barnes Common and visited the planet Silicus, where I discovered men made of metal! Scary stuff indeed!
I’ve become a hostage of alien stowaways in my time machine and on the planet Samsara, my granddaughter and I were caught up in a conflict between two sides of the Brethren of Infinity, as they waited for their Great Deity to save them from its imminent apocalypse...
My friends have even been accidentally miniaturised with one of my other inventions! Oh, the fun they had sorting that out! I’ve upset a couple of alien traders, encountered familiar looking robots and landed in one of the most terrible places in human history - No Man’s Land during the First World War... I’ve explored the far side of the galaxy and managed to salvage the cultural heritage of an alien race and I visited the strange Museum of Space Science in the year 3000...
Also, on a very beautiful planet, my granddaughter encountered an alien prince and the two became romantically involved, which was very sweet. I’ve defeated evil terrifying robots who enslaved the people of the Earth in the year 2150AD and met intergalactic traders on the War Moon of planet Skirm and my granddaughter befriended a strange creature on yet another alien planet, unaware that it was actually plotting to kill her at the first opportunity!
I’ve upset The Knights of Chronos, who are the self-styled guardians of time, and they put me on trial for creating a temporal paradox by returning a Policeman I had met to 1966 before he actually left with me on my travels! Most confusing!
Anyway, you can find out about it all for yourself in detail in this marvellous book. I had hoped to write more about my adventures but I am so very busy exploring as I just don’t want to miss out on all of the wonders and secrets the universe has to offer before, one day, I have to retire...
I know this sounds like the wittering of a mad old man but I can promise you that these events did actually happen! Enjoy this volume compiled by my friends and travel with me into this fantasy world that I have made a reality!

(Spoiler Warning!!!)

FANNUAL is an unofficial fan produced 172 page A4 fanzine, featuring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. FANNUAL is filled with stories, features and comic strips! There is only a very limited quantity available of this edition, so order early to guarantee you receive a copy...

It All Begins Tomorrow
Writer: Mark Hevingham
Illustrator: Paul Cooke
Dr. Who and his young granddaughter Susan are on the verge of finishing Tardis in late 1963, when a shocking news event breaks...

Strip Adaptation: Dr. Who and The Daleks
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte

Feature: Secrets of Dalek Control
Writer/Illustrator:  Shaqui Le Vesconte

Intermission 1: Tardis
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Logo Polish
Ian Chesterton is baffled by Dr. Who and Susan's explanation of why Tardis looks like a police box...

Susan and the King
Writer: Beth Jones
Illustrator: Arfon Jones
Dr. Who and Susan travel back in time and become caught in events surrounding the civil war of the 1600s...

Feature: Who is Dr. Who?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

The Pursuers
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Owen Claxton
Dr. Who's nightmare of a recent trip in Tardis to a distant alien world is the prelude to a mystery involving a couple he encounters on Barnes Common...

Feature: Secrets of Tardis
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins

The Underground Menace
Writer/Illustrator: Terry Cooper
On the planet Silicus, Dr. Who and his fellow travellers encounter the Cybermen...

Intermission 2: Soft Centres
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Dr. Who and Susan are hostages of two aliens who stowed away in Tardis...

Intermission 3: Doors
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Ian encounters sliding doors with attitude...

Feature: Who is Susan?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

The Brethren of Infinity
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Barry Delve
On the planet Samsara, Dr. Who and Susan are caught up in a conflict between the two sides of the Brethren of Infinity, as they wait for their Great Deity to save them from its imminent apocalypse...

Feature: Who is Barbara?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

Strip Adaptation: Curse of the Daleks
Illustrator: Paul Cooke

The Short and the Tall of It
Writer: J.R. Southall
Illustrator: Graham Hellen
After falling on Dr. Who's Polarity Field Manipulation Device, Ian and Barbara fight for survival in the inventor's own living room...

Intermission 4: The Grand Market of Daxor
Writer: Ian Wheeler
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Dr. Who and Susan unwittingly upset a couple of alien traders...

Day of the Automatons
Writer: Robyn Agnew
Illustrator: Tony Clark
Returning to Earth from a trip in Tardis, Dr. Who, Barbara and Susan find Ian and others close to them acting very strangely...

Intermission 5: Washer
Writer: Tim Gambrell
Illustrator: David MacGowan
Fixing a leaking sink ought to be simple task for Ian, but he did not bargain on Dr. Who's help...

Feature: Anatomy of a Dalek
Writer/Illustrator: Tony Clark

Strip: The Planet in Peril
Writer/Illustrator: Mark Toner

Silent Night
Writer: Mark Hevingham
Illustrator: Mark Toner
Dr. Who, Ian, Barbara and Susan land in one of the most terrible places in human history - No Man's Land during the First World War...

The Gift of Mathias
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: David MacGowan
On the far side of the galaxy, Dr. Who and Susan discover a harmonious civilisation with a terrible secret...

The Cosmic Ice
Writer: Grant Foxon
Illustrator: Mark Hevingham
Tardis materialises in the Oort Cloud that encircles the solar system and becomes trapped...

Intermission 6: Terra Interstellar Entertainment
Writer: Scott Burditt
Illustrator: Adric Cabbage
A desperate struggle by Dr. Who to salvage the cultural heritage of an alien race...

Intermission 7: Worth Fighting For
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Adam Bullock
At Dr. Who's urging, Ian tries to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks...

The Cabinet of Illusion
Writer: Scott Burditt
Illustrators: Marc D Lewis / Paul Cooke
Someone has stolen Tardis from Dr. Who's back garden! Trying to cheer a sullen Dr. Who, Susan suggests a trip to a local travelling circus...

Intermission 8: Handing Over
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Barbara and Louise share time together, as one passes her responsibilities to the other...

Strip Adaptation: Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD
Illustrator: Matias Festa

The Dalek Museum
Writer: Charles Daniels
Illustrator: Deborah Taylor
Dr. Who and Susan journey to the Museum of Space Science in the year 3000...

Feature: Exciting Adventure Maze
Writer/Illustrator: Christian Tarpey

Happy Ever After
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Barry Delve
On a beautiful planet, Susan encounters an alien prince and the two become romantically involved...

Intermission 9: Food
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Carolyn Edwards
Dr. Who learns the terrible evil behind the Dalek treatment of human slaves in the year 2150AD...

Intermission 10: Time and Relatives
Writer/Illustrator: David MacGowan
Dr. Who ponders on the nature of time, and his family...

The War Moon
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Mike Daws
The Chauvin are arms dealers to the galaxy, and their clients become interested in using Tardis as a weapon. But other forces are at work on the War Moon of planet Skirm...

The Friend
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Susan befriends a strange creature on a alien planet, unaware that it is plotting to kill her at the first opportunity...

Feature: Tardis Manual
Writer/Illustrator:  Shaqui Le Vesconte

The Trial of Dr. Who
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Dave Golding
The Knights of Chronos are self-styled guardians of time, and put Dr. Who on trial for creating a temporal paradox by returning Tom Campbell to 1966 before he left in Tardis...

Intermission 11: Fair’s Fair
Writer: Robyn Agnew
Illustrator: David Parker
As a treat for her 13th birthday, Dr. Who and Louise take Susan to the funfair on planet Parlyaree but Tardis breaks down with them trapped inside...

The Girl at the End of Time
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Dave Golding
As the universe dies in the distant unimaginable future, Dr. Who has a terrifying encounter. What is the mystery of the Girl at the End of Time itself?

Feature: A Page For You To Colour
Illustrator: Sue Veneer

Feature: Dr. Who Cut Out Figures
Illustrator: Mike Daws

Peter Cushing played Dr. Who in two 1960s films and to this date has never had his own annual. Now, we give you the chance to fill this gap in your collection with a fan produced unofficial Dr. Who annual. We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to make the Cushing FANNUAL a reality. 
Happy reading!

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We'd love to hear from you, if you have a copy of FANNUAL. Here are the reviews we have so far...

FANNUAL review by Mark Hevingham
Doctor Who has spawned many spin offs and thousands of merchandise items over its five decades, and few are so fondly looked upon as the “Dr Who Annual” (later The Doctor Who Annual). These yearly hard back tomes were issued in the autumn of 1965, missing only 1971, and ran for two decades. Whilst some are highly sort after and can command great sums in mint condition – or otherwise – it’s a wonder that the publishers didn’t gain the rights to the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies released in 1965 and 1966.

Well, now the wait is over; sort of. Two enterprising fans have gathered together an eclectic group of authors and illustrators to produce the 172 page “Dr Who Fannual”. This lavish book, published via is available in several formats, from a softcover black and white version for less than five pounds, to a lavish bells and whistles hard back limited edition.
The brief for the writers was simple. Ignore the TV series continuity and work only with the characters and situations from the two big screen entries. This means that “Dr Who” is an elderly Earth scientist who has recently built “Tardis” in his back yard with the help of his young granddaughter, Susan.   In the stories the pair are accompanied by several other characters ranging from Barbara and her new boyfriend Ian Chesterton, Louise and Tom Campbell and London police constable from 1966.

The annual opens with one of my own tales – regarding the beginning of Dr Who’s travels – and so I won’t bore you with the details. The stories proper begin with and a splendid bunch of tales they are too. Mention must go to the supporting features that accompany the stories – the usual colour a page or facts about characters that were a staple of 1960s and 70s World Distributor annuals. However, for the Fannual, Shaqui has created features on Tardis and major characters and events.
This annual will appeal to many different collectors – the general Doctor Who fanbase that is drawn to older Who will enjoy it as a piece of loving created merchandise whilst those who collect the annuals themselves will surely give it pride of place on the official shelf.
The Dr Who Fannual is hopefully the first of a regular run of books and this author for one is already thinking up new adventures for the kindly old man in his blue cravat.

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A review by writer and contributor Arfon Jones appears on his own blog here

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