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U.N.I.T Writers' Guidlelines

The 1974 U.N.I.T FANNUAL is not to include The Doctor. Mentions of him are allowed but not an appearance.

No Sarah Jane Smith - We're trying to set our stories around 1973/74 slightly before before she joined U.N.I.T. We're presuming that the Doctor's exile on Earth has been lifted. During the years U.N.I.T was most active on TV, it was never stated what years the show was set in (The Tenth Doctor reflected on this in The Sontaran Stratagem saying he wasn't sure whether it was the 70's or the 80's that he worked for UNIT) so maybe to avoid mentioning the year or any historic events that happened in those decades. 

No mentions or fore-knowledge of future U.N.I.T or mentions of Torchwood. So in other words no time-portals where 70's U.N.I.T are talking to future U.N.I.T members. We'd like to keep it authentic to the time and style of the following characters.

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (later Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart)
Founder of U.N.I.T and the original commander of U.N.I.T's British contingent. During the Doctor's exile on Earth, he hired the Doctor as his Scientific Advisor. As Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat noted, "Out of all the people the Doctor has met, in all of space and time, Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was the only one who was ever his boss."
Call sign Greyhound One/Leader

Captain Mike Yates
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's assistant for several adventures during the Third Doctor's tenure with U.N.I.T.
Call sign Greyhound Two

Sergeant John Benton
He was the senior NCO of the British contingent of U.N.I.T (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, later retitled: UNified Intelligence Taskforce for the new series), an international organisation that defends the Earth from alien threats.
Call sign Greyhound Four

Corporal Carol Bell
One of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's administrative support staff. She appeared in the Third Doctor serials The Mind of Evil (1971) and The Claws of Axos (1971). In her early 30s, she is the emotional compass for our stories, the compassionate humanistic viewpoint, as one of the highest ranking woman in U.N.I.T's inner command under Lethbridge-Stewart.
Call sign Greyhound Two Beta 

Sergeant Tom Osgood
Served in Devil's End as UNIT's Technical Adviser, during the Master's interference there, as seen in the Third Doctor story The Dæmons (1971). He fought against Azal and Bok. He had the unenviable task of trying to build a device designed by the Doctor to be used against Azal. In his 40s he is something of a technical and electronics whizz - think Star Trek's Scotty but up on 70s technology. Left to his own devices (no pun intended) he can achieve small miracles. We do not see him at his best when bamboozled by the Third Doctor over how to defeat the heat barrier in The Daemons.
Call sign Greyhound Six Seven

Dr. Harry Sullivan
Surgeon-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, was a medical officer in UNIT at the time of the Doctor's third regeneration and became his companion for several adventures.
Call sign Greyhound Four Four

Jo Grant
A civilian employee of U.N.I.T who was assigned as assistant to the Scientific Advisor, the Third Doctor. The character appears from the serial Terror of the Autons in 1971 until The Green Death in 1973. She maintained communication with her former U.N.I.T colleagues, as discussed in Invasion of the Dinosaurs,
Call sign Greyhound One Eight

Other characters associated with U.N.I.T from The Invasion through to The Three Doctors can be used.

The mobile HQ will be Trap One and the Brig's Land Rover Trap Two

Elizabeth Shaw
The original choice for U.N.I.T's scientific adviser. Older and wiser, she might be available every now and then…

We would like to rule out major invasions of Daleks and Cybermen. Only the Doctor could deal with full-on invasions of those enemies although the usage or elements of their technology is welcome.

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